How it all started

Just like a regular Joe, I used to look for reviews online before making a purchase. Now, this one day I read amazing reviews everywhere about a kitchen chimney and I immediately bought it.

I realized that I was conned by the internet and marketing schemes of the manufacturing brands.

I, then, decided to take upon myself the responsibility of producing high-quality unbiased information on kitchen appliances. And hence ‘Kitchentop5’ was born. That was the only way I could change the way reviews work on the internet.

So, here I am producing valuable information on kitchen appliances and making a small but significant difference.

My Mission

It is simple. Eat my vegetables and be the unbeatable! Ha ha, jokes aside, I am just trying to give back as much as I can.

There is plethora of misinformation on pretty much everything. You can crib about them or stand up and do something about it.

I choose to be the latter.

Together we can make internet a better place. Let’s start with the kitchen!

How it works

I publish 2-3 blog posts a week. “Saurav, that is really slow, you will never reach the big numbers”. Yes, I know that.

I take my own time to put a good amount of research in making any article the most valuable article on the topic. So, curating the information can be really slow, but it pays off.

I do not test every product personally that I mention on the ‘top 5’ list, but I sure understand the pros and cons by asking current users and the manufacturers about it.

Plus, I am a mechanical engineering graduate, so I understand the technical aspects better.

I follow these words when I want to write an article

Look for problems and give them a solution

Bottom line is that I like helping people and ‘Kitchentop5’ is a great medium for it.

Who I am

I am a simple guy who happens to be a mechanical engineering graduate. A few years back I graduated from an engineering school and tried getting a job in the same field.

Fortunately, I could not!

I have always loved riding motorcycles to places. So I started a small travel company that would help motorcyclists travel without thinking much about anything else besides riding. I had a lot of fun riding with fellow motorcyclists to many places.

One odd day as I was going through my Youtube feed, I saw this ‘witch’ that told people how their 2020 was going to be. I am not a superstitious guy, but it got me intrigued.

She stated that I was going to start a new business that I am going to be successful. I already had a company running, so it got me worried a little.

Then COVID-19 happened and I had to shut down the travel company as there was no travel anymore.

I am close to my mother and I love helping her out with kitchen chores. Though modern technology is taking over, my mom did not want to adapt to it. She used to find it ‘too complicated’.

Then I started buying stuff to make her life a bit easier in the kitchen. I developed a taste for kitchen appliances over time as I enjoyed teaching my mom how to use them. It makes it easier for both of us to work in the kitchen more efficiently using technology. ‘Kitchtop5’ was born then, when I got much comfortable using the appliances. And this was my ‘new business’ that witch had told me about!

Besides running my website, I like photography. It is evident from the dope photos that you see on the website, ain’t it?

I travel every now and then with my friends and family. And I have a goal to travel my whole country with my family in my car. The states are stacking up but it is a long way to go.

I am blessed with great family and awesome friends that keep me company. They have been there when it was going pretty dark and they still are here when I can see the light.

God bless us all!